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Soft-Dried Mango

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Soft-dried mango is made from 100% fresh mango, non-GMO mangoes.


Lavite Premium Dry Mango

Mango has a beautiful appearance, changeable color, and mellow aroma. Mango contains a higher amount of vitamin A, C and carotene than oranges and strawberries, but also contains minerals, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar, protein, crude fiber and other nutrients. Lavite Premium soft-dried Mango was made with fresh mangoes and dehydrated under low temperature. Its sweet and sour taste plus chewy but greasy texture will make exudes a thick mango incense in your mouth. A brand new taste that you will never forget! What makes Lavite Dry Mangoes so precious? The dehydration process is very time-consuming and every 100g of dry mangoes were made with 1.4KG of fresh Mangoes! You can enjoy the great taste with a peace of mind!

  • Soft-dried mango fruit is made from 100% fresh mango.
  • It is from a local Vietnamese factory and farm station, with high standard of quality management and trace-ability.

Production Flow Chart

  • Harvest 85% ripe mango from farm station with GAP standards at morning, then directly transfer to factory for less than 2 hours and kept in cool room while processing.
  • Fresh fruits are washed with pure water in washing room, using fruit washing machine, then transferred to a high-care area for slicing and peeling
  • Right after sliced and peeled, all sliced fruits will be organized over Inox 304 trays then send to already-at-drying-temperature oven.
  • The slices will be changed top-bottom sides every a certain of time to make sure all slice sides are well dehydrated.
  • The finished product with 22-25% MC will be get out of oven, and packed in a clean room.

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100% mango fruit


348 per 100g


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