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Soft-Dried Jackfruit

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Soft-dried jackfruits are made from 100% fresh Jackfruits, non GMO.


Lavite soft-dried jackfruit

Jackfruit is a sweet, strong flavored exotic fruit that is full of nutrients and health benefits. Jackfruit is a rich source of Vitamin, minerals, carbohydrate, electrolytes, fiber, fat and protein. Its health benefits include boost energy, enhance immunity, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, improves digestion, aids in preventing osteoporosis. Lavite soft-dried jackfruits are 100% natural, you taste the true natural flavor and benefit from their nutrients.

  • Soft-dried jackfruits are made from 100% fresh Jackfruits, non GMO.
  • It is from a local Vietnamese factory and farm station, with high standard of quality management and trace-ability.

Production Flow Chart

  • Harvest 85% ripe jackfruits from farm station with GAP standards at morning, then directly transfer to factory for less than 2 hours and kept in cool room while processing.
  • Fresh fruits are washed with pure water in washing room, using fruit washing machine, then transferred to a high-care area for slicing and peeling
  • Right after sliced and peeled, all sliced fruits will be organized over Inox 304 trays then send to already-at-drying-temperature oven.
  • The slices will be changed top-bottom sides every a certain of time to make sure all slice sides are well dehydrated.

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100% jackfruit


348 per 100g


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