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Natural Process

LAVITE Co., Ltd. is the first of its kind in Vietnam to work on processed dragon fruit products. We have a good management food safety factory for NFC dragon fruit juices, soft-dried dragon fruits, jelly, jam and GAP fresh dragon fruit farms.

Product of Vietnam

Our factory are located at Phan Thiet Industrial Park with a total area of 8,000 square meters. The factory itself is 1,100 square meters and was completed in 2012. We are at the heart of dragon fruit production area of Vietnam, called Binh Thuan.

Food Safety

At LAVITE, we support to our growers with technical and procedure to assure food safety, traceability and freshness of raw materials

2018 Produce Business Innovation Award

We are proudly to  announce Lavite is a winner of  “2018 Produce Business Innovation Award“. 

Innovation is happening all around us. In virtually every industry, new and exciting products are hitting the market at a fast-and-furious clip, and they are taking off like never before. The produce industry is no exception. PRODUCE BUSINESS  is taking a deep dive into innovation through a variety of applications, and we wanted to make sure you are part of the process.

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